Sunday, December 21, 2008


blur A thousand ways of knowing

And give and take of everyday

Still we could not name

The differences within.


A thousand ways of talking

And careful treading of everyday

Still we go on picking

One-another’s sensitivities.


A thousand ways of perceiving

And affectionate hugs of everyday

Still we act vengeful

Hurting one-another deep within.

We are sisters in name.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mental Disorder


Until one experiences
The fear of losing
One doesn’t know how to possess.
"Is that what you are experiencing?"
The nonsensical bursts of detachment
Followed by enhanced sense of longing
Waiting for the reasoning self to fall silent.
And hearing calls of chaos
The permanence of faith
Now seems placed precarious.
Unexpected periods of intense fear
Compounded by a sense of belonging
Questions reason persistently.
"Are you feeling fuddled-duddled?"
Not being able to find a universal remedy
A potion to quieten doubts
Anger is taking on commotion.
Hold these moods close and warm
To see what avails
You must wear random sentiments.
Be tender to your frame of mind
It’s a part of pandemonium
A sign of life.
And you know
To stir up a new way of being
If nothing avails.

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