Saturday, December 12, 2009

Up in the Air in Somalia

The Egal International Airport at Hargeisa in Somaliland
It has everything - a general waiting lounge, a VIP lounge, check in counters, a cafeteria, fuel depot, security check too!

Refueling over, aircraft checked, checked in baggage being loaded!

Passengers onboard! "Mind your head and keep your feet together", the Captain announces, "we are all set to go!"

Now at the Wajid International Airport ...
In case you missed it, look closely: The famous Tiki Lounge and all the directions for parking and entry - no entry without permission! If it is that lucky hour of the day, you may get a cup of nicely brewed chai in a little glass! 

The road from the UN compound. First round of checking before entering this gate is essential!

The aircraft arrives!

Time for security clearance and to check-in!

Multi-tasking! Refueling, loading and boarding ...

Garowe International Airport
This is the Old One, a new one has been in making ... may be already operating. Immigration used to have a room but the officer was always kind enough to go around collecting visa fee and stamping the passport, taking care not to use the whole page. If you were a frequent flyer to Garowe, you could get a discounted visa fee!

Passengers arriving at the airport and the aircraft coming to a halt ... arrivals are well synchronised!

Security check, ticket check, onboard!

And in the air again!

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