Saturday, December 11, 2010

Taking Martyrdom to the Massess

Someone said: “I'm going to die for my faith!
Jesus/Rāma/Allāh/Sammāsambuddha - I love you!
In death I will be united with you.
End of this life will bring glory to you. 
... That is the conclusion I have come to!”

Who cares even if your soul were to fly
Out of the window of the concrete standing tall
And your chitty-chitty, bang-bang conclusion too!

Beware, some rational will make you an ally
Material gains, losses, the rational will evaluate all
And use your conclusion to build a political xanadu!

A voluntary death seeker
Your body will reek of the faith lost.
The martyrdom of an unwisely bold
There’s no nirvāna for a venturesome
You are but a foolhardy soul serving political conveniences!

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