Sunday, February 6, 2011

The 6th of the February: A Day of Zero Tolerance


International Day of
Zero Tolerance of FGM

The proprietors of passion
Wage a war to conquer lust
Open in an understanding
The source of unquenchable bodily wants
The culprit is somewhere outside
Someone who instigated desire

They say:
Using a force unravelled
She imposed a desire on renunciators
She the subject of ‘animal’ instincts
Lacking in the nuances of control
Enabled violence against herself

They claim:
She fashioned herself as the object of regulation

And so
The war goes on against her body. 

Watch a video on FGM. Help End it! 

The 6th of the February is the International Day of
Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
Watch the UNFPA-UNICEF Video
FGM is practiced by the elders using crude tools like blades, knives and pieces of glass as well as by some professional doctors and nurses using professional tools. Up to 140 million women and girls are affected by it Nearly three million girls are mutilated each year. Women and girls from both rich and poor families are either forced to go through it or convinced to go through it because otherwise they would not be regarded as a respectable woman/girl and would not be entitled to their basic rights like the right to inherit property. FGM is a heinous crime. Stop it!

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