Friday, July 4, 2008

And To All Other Friends

Dear ones, the connection you make are such delight

Connecting, like birds on a flight,
On a playful sunny morning light.

Connections are what we desire
Loving life and rejoicing even in satire.

With razor sharp notes to share
We can set our tongues on fire.

Yet we can make our way through the ideological strife
If we recognize each is holding some truth of life.

Connections, however, we have known
Carry noon of the sun and the dawn of the moon.

Connections can tell and connections set
Warmth and heat in the relationship net.

Though each connection moves on a journey of its own,
Connections conjure, cross, overlap and get strewn.

Connections, my dear ones, let us know
We are not alone in our laughter and woe.

Connections humour, connections test
Sometimes they can give our sketchy brains a little rest.

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