Friday, July 4, 2008

To My Not-so-Happy Friend

All the things
I heard today
Make me feel
Your loss is nothing.
Ten bucks, sweetheart
Is worth losing
If you get connected
To the loved ones.
It would be hard to remain unaffected
Were you to hear
The flip-flap of my brain.
It's a wonderful feeling
To have reassuring talks
To have friends like you.
It’s soothing
To know that
The heat will not melt you
And that you will not be fence sitting.
It’s happiness
To find some folks desperate
To have us on board.
Think, Woman
So much pleasure
And the loss of ten bucks
It’s not comparable, it’s nothing.
Consider what I am saying
Your gesture made my days different
You helped me retain faith
With the things you said and did.
Taking on mine and me
The pleasures, the pains
Woman, you made me laugh.
In the times of low and dark
Your humorous crack
Blew away the gloom.
I am not feeling down
I am up and about
That’s why
Your ten bucks are nothing.
I have been ecstatic
I see promise in everything
And so my dear one
Losing ten bucks is nothing.
It may sound queer
It is possible
Those ten bucks brought
The daily dose of cheer.
Perhaps they are smiling
Somewhere in the air.

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