Friday, July 4, 2008

And To My Happy Friend


Here’s the important thing
Yesterday and day before yesterday
You had a dream come true
A dream you dreamt or dreamt not
But it came true by and by
To fill your days with pleasure.

It may feel vast and wondrous
Not unreasonable though
Considering the humane poverty of the past.

How does it matter that reality of the dream is frugal
There were great exterior and spendthrift leftovers
But luxuries never came near those on fringes
And any way unwieldy pockets made you cringe
So now feel great, enjoy the frugal dream come true
Ring the bell, sign the papers
To you heart’s content.

And in case it is dream you did not dream
Go ahead woman dream it, stay afloat
But only as long as you know
You will have time to check
Those solicitous arrangements
Make sure there are no seaweeds
All set to sail with you.

Let those from the past
Call their mournful cries

As you indulge in the dream
Their grimaces large, small and crooked

Will not reflect on you.

Go and fly, I say
Climb those hills with speed
You will sail far, away and above
Days to travel have actually arrived
Bon Voyage, dear one.

See the power tall and true
Witness the coliseum
Your ability will show
Climb the K2 of echelon
And when you feel a bit blue
And feel you have no clue
Revel in the bouquets
That will surely come your way.

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